lunes, 8 de octubre de 2007

Modulos SAP - Plant maintenance (PM)

  • PM:
    IHPA Plant Maintenance: Partners
    OBJK Plant Maintenance Object List
    ILOA PM Object Location and Account Assignment
    AFIH Maintenance order header

Human resources

  • Settings
    T582A Infotypes: Customer-Specific Settings
  • Master data
    T527X Organizational Units
    T528T Position Texts
    T554T Attendance and Absence Texts
    T501 Employee group
    T503 Employee group, subgroup
    T503K Employee subgroup
    T510N Pay Scales for Annual Salaries (NA)
    T549A Payroll Accounting Areas
    T750X Vacancy
  • Infotypes
    PA0001 Org. Assignment
    PA0002 Personal Data
    PA0006 Addresses
    PA0007 Planned Working Time
    PA0016 Contract elements
    PA0008 Basic pay
    PA0105 Communications
    PA1007 Vacancies
    PA1035 Training
    PA2001 Absences

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