lunes, 8 de octubre de 2007

Modulos SAP - Production Planning (PP)

  • Work center
    CRHH Work center hierarchy
    CRHS Hierarchy structure
    CRHD Work center header
    CRTX Text for the Work Center or Production
    CRCO Assignment of Work Center to Cost Center
    KAKO Capacity Header Segment
    CRCA Work Center Capacity Allocation
    TC24 Person responsible for the workcenter
  • Routings/operations
    MAPL Allocation of task lists to materials
    PLAS Task list - selection of operations/activities
    PLFH Task list - production resources/tools
    PLFL Task list - sequences
    PLKO Task list - header
    PLKZ Task list: main header
    PLPH Phases / suboperations
    PLPO Task list operation / activity
    PLPR Log collector for tasklists
    PLMZ Allocation of BOM - items to operations
  • Bill of material
    STKO BOM - header
    STPO BOM - item
    STAS BOMs - Item Selection
    STPN BOMs - follow-up control
    STPU BOM - sub-item
    STZU Permanent BOM data
    PLMZ Allocation of BOM - items to operations
    MAST Material to BOM link
    KDST Sales order to BOM link
  • Production orders
    AUFK Production order headers
    AFIH Maintenance order header
    AUFM Goods movement for prod. order
    AFKO Order header data PP orders
    AFPO Order item
    RESB Order componenten
    AFVC Order operations
    AFVV Quantities/dates/values in the operation
    AFVU User fields of the operation
    AFFL Work order sequence
    AFFH PRT assignment data for the work order(routing)
    JSTO Status profile
    JEST Object status
    AFRU Order completion confirmations

    PRT’s voor production orders
    AFFH PRT assignment data for the work order
    CRVD_A Link of PRT to Document
    DRAW Document Info Record
    TDWA Document Types
    TDWD Data Carrier/Network Nodes
    TDWE Data Carrier Type
  • Planned orders
    PLAF Planned orders
    PKPS Kanban identification, control cycle
    PKHD Kanban control cycle (header data)
    PKER Error log for Kanban containers
  • Reservations
    RESB Material reservations
    RKPF header
  • Capacity planning
    KBKO Header record for capacity requirements
    KBED Capacity requirements records
  • Planned independent requirements
    PBIM Independent requirements for material
    PBED Independent requirement data
    PBHI Independent requirement history
    PBIV Independent requirement index
    PBIC Independent requirement index for customer req.
    KBEZ Add. data for table KBED (for indiv. capacities/splits)

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