lunes, 8 de octubre de 2007

Tables in SAP - Enterprise structure

Enterprise structure


CO TKA02 Assign company code to controlling area
LO T001K Assign plant (valuation area) to company code
SD TVKO Sales organisation / company code
TVKOV Distribution channel / sales organisation
TVKOS Division to sales organization
TVTA Sales aria
TVKBZ Sales office to sales area
TVBVK Sales group to sales office
TVKWZ Plants to sales organization
MM T024E Purchasing organization / company code
T024W Plant to Purchase organization
T001K Link plant ( = valuation area) / company code
TVSWZ Shipping point to plant
T320 Assignment MM Storage Location to WM Warehouse

Financial accounting
  • Company code

    T004 Chart of accounts
    T077S Account group (g/l accounts)
    T009 Fiscal year variants
    T880 Global company data
    T014 Credit control area
  • Fi document
    T010O Posting period variant
    T010P Posting Period Variant Names
    T001B Permitted Posting Periods
    T003 Document types
    T012 House banks
  • Not categorized
    T007a Tax keys
    T134 Material types
    T179 Materials: Product Hierarchies
    T179T Materials: Product hierarchies: Texts
    TJ02T Status text
    TINC Customer incoterms
    TVFK Billing doc types
    T390 PM: Shop papers for print control

Basic data / administration

Workbench related tables

  • Data dictionary tables
    DD02L Tables in SAP
    DD02T Tables description
    DD03L Field names in SAP
    DD03T Field description in SAP
  • Workbench
    TADIR Directory of R/3 Repository Objects
    TRDIR System table TRDIR
    TFDIR Function Module
    TLIBG Person responsible for function class
    TLIBT Function Group Short Texts
    TFTIT Function Module Short Text
    TSTC Transaction codes in SAP
    TSTCT Transaction codes texts
    T100 Message text (vb e000)
    VARID Variant data
    D020T Screen texts
    TDEVC Development class
    TDEVCT Texts for development classes

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